Byte's Cypherpunk 2081

Imperium's End

In the pulsating heart of the FIX district, where neon bleeds into shadows and secrets are traded like cryptocurrency, stands Imperium’s End. Here, echoes of past missteps intertwine with the electric anticipation of what’s yet to come, where the line between the virtual and the visceral blurs, and the taste of danger is a warm metallic sting coming from the back of your throat. Your escapade into the Nexus, the beacon of underground tech, has landed you the BIG ONE. This Data break isn’t just significant; it’s monumental, demanding a slice of AI lore known as the ‘Genesis Key‘. So cutting edge, so unique, that its essence seems almost mythical. But herein lies the caveat: you can’t just hack access to this software. It’s held securely offline, hidden away from the prying eyes of the digital world and the relentless snitch bots patrolling the cyber byways.

Traversing the mazes of Imperium’s End is a test of grit. Shadows hold whispers, and the very air feels dense with the unspoken. Yet, it’s here, right in the thick of it, where your prize awaits. Ahead, a Roman statue rises like a monolith in the obsidian night, the gateway to your mission’s success. To many, it’s more myth than reality, a place where deals are brokered in hushed tones and promises sealed with more than just a handshake, here deals are made with blood. It’s location protected, not just by mere danger, but by female street sentinels, fierce guardians whose allure disguises their lethal prowess, sculpted and sharpened by this very district’s dangers.

Drawing closer to your target, the ambient thrum of distant drones blends with the hypnotic loops from holograms nearby. The chilling cries of cats slice through the night, amplifying the eerie allure of your surroundings. This cyberscape isn’t just a quest; it’s a gauntlet, a game of power, wits, and survival.

Here, at the precipice of fate, success and catastrophe dance on the edge of a knife. And with Imperium’s End sentinels ever-watchful, the verdict is straightforward: master the game or be its pawn.

Within the Fix district’s heart, beneath Imperium’s End’s looming shadow, your destiny beckons.



Imperium’s End” is a virtual location from my “Byte’s Cypherpunk 2081” VR series, the most technical, intricate, and novel Equirectangular image series I’ve ever created.

Image Specifications

  • Equirectangular Dimensions: 18,432 x 9,216 pixels
  • Resolution: 240 Px/In
  • PSB file size: 6.01 GB
  • Color Space: SRGB

Software Used

  • Pano2VR
  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Topaz Gigapixel AI
  • Topaz Photo AI
  • Blender
  • Mid Journey
  • Blockade Labs


The Process

In the relentless pursuit of narrating a vivid tale through the somber landscape of Imperium’s End, my focus shifted towards enriching the scene with relevant details. Employing the power of Mid Journey, every inhabitant and object was birthed into this virtual dystopia. The interchange between command prompts –v 4 and –v 5 was instrumental; the former delivering a raw, grungy ambiance, while the latter bestowed a touch of stark realism. The kaleidoscope of colors and lights adorning the signs, graffiti, and relics of bygone times were harmonized, with every image refined through AI upscaling by Topaz Labs, before being meticulously polished in Lightroom.

Adding layers to the narrative, the scene burgeoned with more signage, augmenting the gloom with layers of smoke, fog, and steam. Underneath the overlay grid in Photoshop, the background layer became a canvas, where smoke blended with high-resolution objects, each carefully warped to transition from rectilinear to Equirectangular projection, enmeshing seamlessly into the desolate beauty of Imperium’s End.


Sorrow in the Streets

In crafting the somber narrative of Imperium’s End, a scene laden with desperation and sorrow, meticulous attention was given to every pixel. The eerie glow of neon billboards advertising sultry temptations and designer drugs starkly contrasts with the ominous shadows cast by crumbling edifices. The visual cacophony of smog-filled skies, aflame structures, and lurking perils, amidst a fleeting allure of luxury flaunted by a sports car ad, was diligently orchestrated. This gritty cyberpunk tableau emerged from countless hours of immersing in the dystopian essences of Cyberpunk, with a stringent color palette lending consistency to the renders.

As I delved deeper into the abyss of cyberpunk aesthetics, the grunge layers amassed, each graffiti tag and sinister iconography embedding a piece of the dark narrative into the 3D expanse. The scene’s complexity crescendoed with layer upon layer of smart objects meticulously melded, with blend modes and properties tweaked to finesse the illusion.

The dense fog, swirling smoke, and elusive steam veiled the scene in an ambiance of despair and mystique, rendering the composites not just visually enthralling, but emotionally resonant. The deliberate overture of these elements enriched the narrative, encapsulating the grim essence of Imperium’s End in a veil of cyberpunk melancholy.

Cyberpunk Aesthetic & Ethos

In the shadowed heart of Imperium’s End, every sign etched into the urban crust unfolds a narrative of Cypherpunk enigmas amidst unadulterated Cyberpunk grit. The objective was simple, yet profound: meld the raw brutality of this cityscape with a flicker of divinity, embodying the core of Cyberpunk—a stark exhibition of human duality. Here, the PUNK ethos is not just a style; it’s a bold defiance against the moral adjudicators, advocating a life navigated by personal codes.

This aesthetic stands as a rebellion against the orthodox, a staunch refusal to yield to the moralistic norms of a decaying society. In the stark reality of the Cyberpunk domain, the law of the survival reigns, with morality being a personal compass amidst the anarchy. Whether a decker or a hacker, the rule is clear—sometimes, one must traverse the murky waters to stay afloat.

My affinity for this genre stems from its celebration of rebellion, anti-authority, individualism, and the relentless spirit of humanity amidst adversities. The themes of Cypherpunk and Cyberpunk resonate profoundly, having witnessed the home computing era’s dawn and the ensuing digital evolution. The boundary between reality and virtuality has increasingly blurred, especially lately, as my interaction with AI deepened. From 1989 to now, the warm glow of a computer screen has been a steadfast companion.

Observing the varying reactions to each technological emergence—fear from some, while others eagerly embraced the new digital epoch. It’s riveting to see generations erect their systems, age, and then watch them crumble. Cyberpunk amplifies our modern dilemmas, casting them into a conceivable future. It’s this potent blend of prophecy, reflection, conflict, escapism, and punk attitude that renders Cypherpunk and Cyberpunk enthralling realms for me, offering a captivating exploration of complex digital narratives right here in Imperium’s End.

Prompt Engineering

Mid Journey v5 is one of the most incredible LLM’s I’ve worked with. Notice how similar the color space and lighting of female portrait is with the generated storefront of TC’s.  This makes compositing a breeze, and it makes all renders blend seamlessly into the scene.  The latest release of Mid Journey also provides some very powerful tools that allow for very detailed changes to your image in the form of in-painting, and image pan/tilt modifications.  These tools change the workflow from beings a one and done generation into a more iterative process that reduces the amount of work required in programs like Photoshop.

Carefully crafted prompt engineering is essential to the success of any AI generated project.  The process of directing AI to very specific constraints with lighting, color, depth of field, exposure, style, subject position, camera angles, seed numbers, and negative prompting, are all crucial to create a seamless composite across all images.  Countless hours of practice with AI, and the concise economy of words used are required to keep the constraints consistent across all renderings.

Even with specific prompting you will undoubtedly need a healthy dose of patience and some re-rolling of prompts.

prompt: cyberpunk eagle sign, detailed, elite, royal, circle shape, neon, dim light, yellow, teal and pink, sharp focus, top view –v 5 –ar 4:4 –q 2

Cyber Cats

The allure of felines has always captivated me, holding a quaint spot amidst my childhood memories. Flash, the swift companion of my early years, left a void that echoed through the silence of the nights. Then came Herschel, the majestic black Persian, whose life intertwined with mine one fateful morning amidst the rhythmic hum of the dryer. The scars he bore were tokens of a bond forged in adversity.

Amidst the gritty backdrops of Cyberpunk, cats wander as emblems of cunning and adaptability, traits revered in the clandestine corridors of hackers and street samurai. They lurk in the obscure corners, with eyes that hold an almost otherworldly understanding, embodiments of the quintessential outsider. Their elusive essence reflects the ethos of the rebels dwelling in the shadows of Imperium’s End, making them an iconic element within the Cyberpunk culture.

Example mid journey prompt: stray Selkirk Rex cat, walking on ledge, dim light, teal lighting, grunge, top view neon lights, yellow, teal, pink, blade runner –v 5 –ar 16:9 –q 2

Prompt: stray Selkirk Rex cat, digging in a grey trash can, dim light, teal lighting, grunge, top view neon lights, yellow, teal, pink, blade runner –v 5 –ar 9:16 –q 2

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Byte's Cypherpunk 2081


Byte's Cypherpunk 2081


Byte's Cypherpunk 2081


Byte's Cypherpunk 2081

Imperium's End

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Tribute to my brother Kevin

My older brother Kevin’s departure in 2023 sent shockwaves of sorrow through our family. Yet through tear-filled eyes, I channeled the anguish, dedicating this sanctum to him. Kevin was a gateway to life’s vibrant hues – the rhythm of Rock and Roll, the calm of golfing greens, the thrill of fast cars, and the hearty laughter following a good joke. His demeanor was a blend of humor, sarcasm, and warm smiles, making every moment special. I reminisce about unveiling the early days of my VR world to him, his eyes lighting up as he remarked, ‘You’ve ventured farther than I imagined.’ Kevin now resides in that tender part of my heart where pain and joy intertwine. His memory, a blend of love, laughter, and life, lingers on.

We miss you Kevin.

<3 -TC

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