NFT Museum

The NFT Museum is a virtual destination featuring the artwork of TC and hand selected digital Artists. Museum visitors will be able to view and interact with Digital Artwork in this futuristic art utopia.  As new artwork is released these collections will be added to the Museum.  With plans to host and build out new wings of the facility to feature Digital Artists and Photographers involved in the project.

TC is also working on an equitable revenue share from Museum ticket sales to be distributed to the Artist collective featured in the NFT Museum. This project is currently being developed in the Unreal Engine. If you would like to support this project please consider making a small donation below. If you are a digital Artist an are interested in having your Artwork feature in the NFT Museum contact TC Below.


The NFT Museum level design combines ancient and futuristic elements as seen here in an early Museum entrance concept. Exploring modern design combined with ancient relics from the past.  This grand entrance gives the visitors a second story view of the complex.


Art is the central focus of the Museum.  With artwork displayed in the gallery and throughout the facility. With modern and retro design elements present everywhere, all the way down to the Museum furnishings.


The easiest way to think about NFTs, is they certify the authenticity of the Artwork and the Owner of the NFT on a blockchain network. Non-fungible tokens are cryptographically unique tokens that are linked to digital (and sometimes physical) art. They have a number of use cases like digital collectibles, music, items in games, and in this case Artwork in an NFT Museum.


Drawing upon my love of Tron, Blade Runner, and Star Trek, this facility is a tribute to futurism where the future is bright thanks to innovation in blockchain technology, VR, and 3D visualization.

More images of the NFT Museum

For more screen shots of the museum please see below.  Please note this is an ever evolving project in the early stages of level design, and may not represent the finished project when released.

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