Wave Amplification

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Wave Amplification

Film, AR, VR, Game | NFT Asset

Edition: 1/1

File Type: JPG – 100% Quality Export

Resolution: 2339 x 5130

File Type: OBJ – Optimized Artwork Export

Dimensions: 2359 x 5150 x 280

Artwork and 3D Model by TC Montague


Release Date: 2022

*NFT owner is permitted to use purchased NFT asset for display in Film, 3D Engines, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) Metaverses, web 3.0(+) applications & domains, Games, and NFT Museums (virtual and physical).  Your use of this NFT is contingent upon verification of ownership through the proof of transaction on the blockchain in which the NFT was minted. The ownership and sale of this NFT will exist and be verified on the blockchain public ledger. Commercial use of the NFT artwork where the viewer is charged is prohibited without a licensing agreement. Credit to the artist TC Montague must be included in all final end products containing this artwork. NFT owner is permitted to display NFT Artwork on all personal devices without restriction.


*NFT owner is not permitted to reproduce, distribute, make copies, publicly perform, display, or make derivative works of the original work. The copyright owner retains these exclusive rights. Please contact Artist directly for commercial and licensing opportunities of this original artwork.


Wave Amplification is a visual exploration of surface texture, color, and movement. This unique piece was created through photography, amplification, noise generators, and a bright color palette. Made for use in FILM, VR, AR, and GAMES. This EXCLUSIVE 1/1 artwork is a high quality digital asset ready for import.


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