Do you enjoy photography as a hobby or profession? Have you created a HDR photo or 360° panorama and found yourself unsatisfied with the final result? Struggle with finding the right software settings or fail to get consistent results? Want to take your Panoramic Photography to THE NEXT LEVEL? Want to capture and create your own Virtual Experience? If so, this series is for YOU.  Course instruction provided by me TC Montague.


PART 1.  Equipment

TC takes you through his Panoramic Photography Equipment covering the tripod, pano head, lens, camera, and bracketing. TC also discusses the pro’s and con’s of a Fisheye lens vs Rectilinear lens, and provides image stability tips.

PART 2.  Stitching

TC covers his stitching workflow, and guides you through exporting your bracketed exposure set, with professional stitching instruction.

PART 3.  Color & Light

TC covers Mastering Color and Light through the process of tone mapping. Here you will learn to utilize the available color and light information in your photograph.

PART 4.  Finishing Touches

TC discusses a technique he calls HDR Stacking, in this episode he unites the lessons from Part 2 and Part 3 together in a perfect 360° High Dynamic Range Photograph. Here you will learn TC’s method for eliminating ghosting, and all image imperfections.

(NEW) PART 5.  Advanced Projections

In this NEW addition to MASTERING HDR, TC takes you on an exploration of Advanced Mathematical Projections. TC covers a number of Advanced Projection Types that will take your Equirectangular images and send them into ANOTHER DIMENSION.

(NEW) PART 6.  Nadir Magic

In this MAGICAL addition to the MASTERING HDR series TC shows you his workflow for the PERFECT NADIR Patch.  TC guides you through Nadir Patching in a variety of scenes and difficulty levels.

(NEW) PART 7.  Razor Sharp

In this BRAND NEW addition to the MASTERING HDR series TC shows you his Tools and Techniques he uses to create a RAZOR SHARP HDR Image.