The Teleport Pass is a membership to my site ZENIXVR.COM  and it is a portal to some of the worlds most ICONIC destinations found there on THE GRID.  All of the incredible locations on THE GRID can be viewed by you in ULTRA HD, in FULL 360°, with IMMERSIVE audio, and Narration by “Arthur” our AI Narrator. If you’ve ever dreamed of having the technology and the ability to teleport to distant and ICONIC locations then ZENIX VR is for YOU.


I set out to make Virtual Reality accessible to everyone regardless of platform. That is why our experiences are designed and coded to work across nearly all modern digital devices. With cross-platform support and NO APP to download, you can be sure that the destinations on THE GRID are custom tailored for your specific device.

With a Teleport Pass you have access to all of the VIRTUAL Destinations found here. These high quality immersive 360° experiences can be viewed on any device with no app to download and no software to install. Our supported devices include: Phones/Tablets/Computers and VR Headsets.

ZENIX VR uses a web technology known as WebVR to deliver a virtual experience to your VR Headset. This web technology allows you to experience the virtual destinations on THE GRID in a variety of modern VR devices. Simply load our website from a WebVR compatible browser to begin teleporting to virtual destinations.