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TC Montague
About TC Montague

TC (Terry Christopher) Montague, born in 1981, is more than just a self-taught photographic artist and digital pioneer; he's a virtuoso in the symphony of pixels and code. Based in Meridian, I...

Teleport Pass

The Teleport Pass is a membership to my site ZENIXVR.COM  and it is a portal to some of the worlds most ICONIC destinations found there on THE GRID.  All of the incredible locations on THE GRI...

Mastering 360° HDR

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby or profession? Have you created a HDR photo or 360° panorama and found yourself unsatisfied with the final result? Struggle with finding the right s...

HDR Holly Grail

Get my incredible HDR HOLY GRAIL PRESET PACK featuring 350 mind-blowing HDR Presets ready to transform your HDR in a single CLICK.  Created for all Photographers, from begi...

Happy New Year 2020!

At this incredible moment in time I've celebrated 38 "New Years" on this planet of ours.  With this year of 2020 being the most anticipated year in recent memory.  Far gone are the i...

Buff Pup

Idaho Entrepreneurs Chris, Darren, Justin, and TC set out to create a iconic dog collar that is built to endure the day to day of the toughest pup. Sturdy, comfortable, and stylish, our ico...


Introducing my surreal digital art collection and the release of my exclusive NFTs. NFTs solve the problem of connecting the Artist to the Artwork in a digital world.  Before NTFs, people...

NFT Museum

The NFT Museum is a virtual destination featuring the artwork of TC and hand selected digital Artists. Museum visitors will be able to view and interact with Digital Artwork in this futuristic...

Byte's Cypherpunk 2081

Introducing “Byte’s Cypherpunk 2081”, the most technical, intricate, and novel Equirectangular image series I’ve ever created. Utilizing a host of AI language models trained on this specific e...

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